Integrating Industrial Automation Systems with IT Infrastructure Integration Services while using Rockwell and Cisco standards of CPWE across the manufacturing floor.

Not only do we have vast experience with Industrial IT services, we have found great success in working seamlessly with multiple Manufacturing Vendors within our Customer Environments to bridge many common convergence hurdles.  Our services ensure that the IT/OT Convergence between varying SCADA systems in a Manufacturing zone are secured, reliable, and optimally configured throughout the Customer Enterprise zone.  While most Integrators focus on their particular Project or System, we Partner as an additional resource to help leverage their expertise and work as a liaison to the Business Units through our IT Infrastructure Integration Services.  We connect the enterprise level with the control level as shown in the graph below.

This approach ensures that both our OT Partners & their respective Customer Resources (IT / Process Control / E&I / Engineers) are able to then leverage full visibility to closed loop environments throughout the Production floor.

  • Assessment of Existing IT/OT Infrastructure
  • Design & Seamless Provisioning of Connectivity
  • Change Management Compliance
  • Process Camera Support and Management
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